What’s Golden – Get It Right

On the slightly faster side of things we introduce “What’s Golden”. Keeping things moving with a dancefloor sound that is at home way from those spaces and perfect for creating the right atmosphere in the early afternoon when a post-lunch lack of energy can lead to things slowing down in productivity. Equally this sound could be perfect for early evening when the troubles of the day have finally finished and the evening is on the horizon

About What’s Golden

The live-sounding bass guitar and funky groove can not help but move you in your mood towards feeling better. As the name suggests “What’s Golden” delved deeply into the golden era of funk and grooves to recycle these genre-defining sounds and flavours adding a more modern programmed percussion and marching beat to compound these tracks into a modern-sounding composition while retaining all the flavour and “gold” from the era in which it references.

With an emphasis on live instruments and a band, the style feels to the groove section, “What’s Golden” is a brighter and more digitised sound of the original vinyl sound. Think early morning sunshine over a still land as the sun gradually brings life to a new day of opportunities and you are in the right moment for this music.

In contrast to so many slower hip hop based artists who often dominate the atmosphere creating soundtrack music this slightly faster tempo of music takes note of and gives a nod to the 70s New York Disco inspired genres which have transcended the globe and popular music over the decades that have followed its conception. The original disco dance-floors of the heavily documented New York discotheque has not only defined what music is to reference and sound like, it has also defined how it is physically played and performed to the masses. Using vinyl turntables did not only gain traction from this setting it actually influenced how music and especially dance music is structured. The early 90s UK scene was built on a world of “12” versions” with long extended dance intros and built on driving home a groove that is unmistakable and recognisable on every track distinguishing it from others.

About The Track

Whats Golden uses a very subtle 4×4 kick to lay the foundation of its movement but layers up a wealth of percussion to show how important live drummers and programming is to the feel of a drum pattern along with how much of a change it can make to anyone either tuned in to it or hearing it as background mood making music. Perfect for any bar or venue while equally at home in a shop or company showroom. Polishing off the premium sounding Hammond organ notes which add so much light and texture to this one is the soft filter which associates this design of audio soundscape.

Once this track drops in all its glory the real icing on the cake is this launchpad for a male vocal filling out the spectrum to perfection and adding some much style and grace to squarely place this in the modern soul genre while often straying into the disco era.

Omar is the Uk king of this sound and has built up a well-loved and loyal fan base, who we expect will love this nod to that style and movement.

Our Library

Once again we thank anyone for helping us build this service and product by giving us air time and we are delighted to be helping people provide a soundtrack to their own business and premises while they entertain, sell or display their products. Just sharing in our idea and vision means a lot to us and our carefully selected artist beliving in our whole journey as we get one step closer to our final goal of providing quality music and atmosphere for anyone who needs it at any time in any place or setting.

After working on publishing, production, record labels, signing of artists and building of artist profiles we have a strong love and excitement of “What’s Golden” and his overall output of exquisite and high-level production and craft. Making him one of our featured artists this week is a big show of our commitment, loyalty and determination to make the most of this artist and musical experience.

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