All About Royalty Free Music

What Is Royalty Free Music?

When music is played in your venue Twitch channel, on your Youtube video or on your premises. The way in which an artist is paid is by either PRS, claiming money on their behalf via a music licence, or by youtube or twitch monetizing your video or live broadcast and passing on money to the artist. If an artist or record label has not given permission for their music to be used online, these services can cut or limit the distribution of your content. In the case of UK premises, the PRS (Performing Rights Society) use money collected from your license fee to pass on o the artist. Using Royalty-free music bypasses all these complications and uses money where the artist has given express permission for their music to be used without remuneration in a traditional way. 

When artists are recording or building tracks they will often have a use in mind to help them channel inspiration.  Royalty-free music is used in many different ways including, including youtube videos, twitch streams, Facebook videos and of course to be played in spaces to create a great atmosphere.

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