Other Reasons – Drifter

Fresh from the steel city comes the ever-talented Other Reasons. Having gained massive music success with his dancefloor releases other the years, along with productions moving into the advertising sector to soundtrack brands.   This latest release entitled “Drifter” is a firm statement of intent, moving into a progressive and ever building soundscape of chimes and texture, leaving the listener in a relaxed state. Similar in sound to the ever-popular Bonobo sound which has in its self created a generation of music. Encompassing a wide-ranging sound of live instruments, coupled with a heavily programmed and layered electronic feel, this track draws on an ever-growing love of sample-based culture and an extensively tried and tested method of sampler and sequencer based technology, the styles are perfectly used to build and develop a moody yet light-hearted audible atmosphere. 

About The Artist

As an artist, Other Reasons will be frequently adding music to our library as well as being increasingly helpful in developing a varied and extensive catalogue of contemporary-sounding audio to compliment any space it is played. Music from Other Reasons sits perfectly on any playlist bridging the gap between the ever-popular and heavily explored disco sound and the smokey rusty feel of hip hop. 

Every individual track from this artist is a straightforward nob to his extensive Hip Hop heritage and time spent within that scene. Listeners with find themselves cycling through all the elements used to conceive each release and lets every one of these breathe to engage and capture the ears of the audience finally ending in a crescendo of experience taking everyone on a journey over a short space of time. 

As a project, we are incredibly excited to have Other Reasons on board with us, as we feel his experience and ultimately hours within the industry is hard to match, as both a consumer and producer. Relying on the theoretical and building blocks we are all familiar with hearing on a subconscious level. Expect many more offerings from him over the coming months as he finds his stride and rhythm and equally as an audience grows in understand and love for his music.

Setting the correct atmosphere takes much more than selecting the correct sounds and vibe it is also about making music that subconsciously feels right and puts the listener at ease. Building in the correct way is essential in making the perfect landscape and audible surroundings. We believe that some places do not always get this right and opening up a small venue early in the morning with a heavy pumping soundtrack is not always conducive to providing a balanced atmosphere for people to relax and ultimately feel comfortable to spend time and in turn money.  Before embarking on writing and recording a piece of music for our project the artists are encouraged to picture themselves in this situation and write accordingly, bearing in mind at all times what they would like to hear in this very situation. Drawing heavily on existing playlists currently widely available which have been curated especially with this purpose in mind. Our artists are then given a blank audio canvas to interpret and craft their responses. We feel this creative freedom is much less restrictive and freedom giving but gives the opportunity for music writing to be a highly creative process which we can then in turn give a platform and outlet too.


The UK music scene has seen its non-stop development of dusty hip hop instrumental based artists appear in the last decade drawing heavily on inspiration from DJ Shadow, Bonobo and the world of MPC based hip hop artists from both sides of the pond. Starting with   DJ Premier and the world of New York Boombap Hip Hop right through to the Ableton inspired drag and drop the world of instrument lead and loop-based sample culture has both progressed quickly while remaining true to some easily recognisable and distinctive musical rules and structures.

Other Reasons have harnessed the groove building structure of traditional dance music and the rules we all subconsciously know and follow while adding the verse-chorus structure. While many people will focus in on every track on the Sound Union catalogue our library is also designed to be in the background to wash over a situation and bring depth and feeling to casual listeners while simultaneously bringing a quality of detail and structure we have become accustomed too with so many platforms being available right now. Follow our stream to catch a whole EP full of this same style and flow of laid back DJ based Hip hop rhythms that fit perfectly between our other artist’s contributions, new tracks from Other Reasons will gradually be added as they are written especially for the Sound Union library. As each release or body of work is compiled we will be posting letting our users know exactly what to listen out for while keeping things free for your customers within whichever space you decide to use our service in.

Our Library

Please follow our social media pages to be kept informed as to what music we have recently have been getting excited bout and adding to our collection which in turn allows us to pay artists and ask them for more of what we all like and enjoy, allowing them to get to work creating more masterpieces of audio for us and in turn you. Helping us to help them and feeding back what tracks work for you as a huge help on a day by day approach to us finding the right people to work with and invest in, both financially and with our and your time and efforts. Both positivity and encouragement to our artists, is ultimately a good fuel along with financial remuneration in developing their art and sound in what for many is an extremely difficult creative and possibly uninspirational time in the world right now. 

Let’s all save money and in turn bring through a brand new way of working with musicians in the brand new world of ours, one day at a time! 

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