Background Music Free License

Music written just for use in the background is perfect to get an immediate atmosphere in any venue, space or venue. In the case of Sound Union, background music with a free licence is perfect to save money and create a relaxed atmosphere with no stress. 

Background music copyright free solves so many problems, for your shop, cafe or showroom. Leaving a stream running safely in the knowledge that it will never let your down or run out or take a turn in style away from what has previously been playing.

Paying for a good stream is worth every penny in the way of taking away the stress. It means one job that normally falls to the venue operator if selecting a playlist is suitable.  Even as a venue is in use the venue manager has to keep listing out for playlists becoming close to the end and setting up the next music to continue the atmosphere. 

Royalty-Free Background Music comes in many forms from purchased individual tracks and music sources track by track to free downloads of sets found online to a full album in the form of a CD again bought for the purpose.

Recently in the age of streaming, many streams have popped up, usually paid for month by month.  Companies supplying streams have been strong in providing styles that sound good together and flow well. 

Our artists here at Sound Union all write with a purpose and make music that they personally would love to hear if they were out and about, which is a skill in its self. We have been out for years getting to know the right artists who can perfectly hit this every time. Your business and space is in safe hands 24/7 with this stream perfectly curated and broadcast by us.

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