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5 Places to get Royalty-Free background music for your premises?

1) Sound Union

The Sound Union front page player is a great place to stream royalty-free music, it changes every day and has what feels like an endless supply of fresh sounds. Amazingly for a limited period, this service is free.

2) Youtube

Youtube has plenty of royalty-free music channels where varied lengths, one downside to using these in your premisses is you will need to buy a premium account otherwise you will be playing adverts over your sound system if you opt for the free version. 

Obtaining a premium account requires all users of this system to always have the password and login details and to set this up as background music in the morning. Sadly another downside to using youtube is at the end of a royalty-free video it can autoplay onto commercial music or any inappropriate video in an attempt to continue sound.

3) Freedom Music

This company are one of the first in-store or overhead royalty-free music companies and supply music to some big names. If you are looking for music in your cafe or shop this could be the site for you. Only a small monthly fee gives you top quality music any time you need it.

4) Ben Sound

Downloading single tracks is a great way to curate your own style of a soundtrack and build a sound that fits your vision, while it may be time-consuming, spending a day building a playlist could be a day well spent.

5) Pixabay

All Pixabay downloads are free and easy to search for suitable music on their site. Each track needs to be individually downloaded and added to your collection or playlist and played from a device with ample memory to store your music. Alternatively selected tracks can be added to a CD and played from a separate CD player plugged into your overhead sound system.

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